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Franz Kline is my biggest inspiration artisitically. He was associated with the abstract impressionist movement of the 1940-1950's and his work has been revered since then. He is knows for his fluid, intense brush stokes and distinct style. Historians have referred to his art as minimal. It is said he was influenced most by equally, if not more well known artist, William De Kooning, whose suggestion led him to focus on abstract works. His first show was in November 1950, at the Egan Gallery in New York and featured 7 signature abstract black and white paintings. In 1958 his work was included in the Museum of Modern Art's major exhibition, "The New American Painting". In the decade before his death in 1962 his work was featured in many more prestigious national and international exhibitions.

 In 2012, a ten feet wide black and white work from 1957 sold for 36 million at Christy's New York. 

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